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  • 425 - Modern & Contemporary Art

    Sale: Monday 26 November 2012, 2 p.m.
    Viewing: Friday 23 - Sunday 25 November, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    Our autumn sale of Monday 26 November will consist of a broad range of modern and contemporary paintings and sculptures, offering a good overall picture of the development of art styles and schools during the last 100 years. It will include impressionist watercolours, luminist paintings, CoBra art, and examples of magic realism.
    The first seven works to come under the hammer are by Eugène Brands, ranging from a painting by his hand dated 1958 to a work on paper from 1955 (estimates between € 800 - 3.000). Same period artist Ger Lataster is represented with four paintings, all sourced from a prominent private collection and with auction estimates of € 750 - 3.500.
    More abstract are the paintings by mid twentieth century artist Willem Hussem whose lot 12 is painted on hessian and measures over 100 x 130 cm, purchased at Galerie Nouvelles Images in The Hague where the work was painted in 1960. The valuation for this large sized painting is € 3.000 - 5.000. A smaller work, lot 13, dates from 1954 and was given as a wedding gift to the present owners, bought directly from the artist’s studio in 1969 and estimated at € 2.500 - 3.500.
    Various CoBrA artists will feature in this auction, including Lots 14 and 15 by Theo Wolvecamp. Lot 14 is a composition on paper and lot 15 a painting dating from 1954, both were acquired directly from the artist by the present owners.
    Post-CoBrA artist Guillaume Lo-A-Njoe contributes three lots to this auction’s catalogue, of which lot 17 is clearly inspired by Marc Chagall (valuation € 1.000 - 1.500). Karel Appel modelled lot 20; an elegant but striking gold enamelled brooch/pendent. This piece of jewellery, representing a ‘Childs clown’, is inlaid with diamonds and has an estimated auction value of € 10.000 - 15.000. A very different work by his hand is lot 21, a collotype on paper, hand-coloured with watercolour, and titled ‘The happy and unforeseen week’. This art work, valued at € 800 - 1.200, is from a set of seven illustrated poems by Appel and Hugo Claus in the late 1950’s.
    By Pierre Alechinsky we will be offering you a watercolour with collage on paper, titled ‘Reçu’. This lot 25 dates from 1978 and has an estimate of € 2.000 - 3.000. You will also find works by artists such as Jan Sierhuis, Anton Rooskens and Corneille.
    Among the sculptures you cannot miss is a beautiful bronze with a height of nearly 180 cm by Karel Zijlstra (lot 32). This unique work, titled ‘Tryphina’, fits its description of a dignified but fragile female figure. The object is conservatively estimated at € 2.500 - 3.500.
    Never before have we been able to offer a work by the American artist Jon Kuhn at one of our sales. Lot 36 is typical of a work by his hand in which the optical glass (laminated, cut and polished) constantly and innovatively interacts with the available light. Valuation € 1.500 - 2.500.
    Another unique work is Lot 39, a glass panel by Amsterdam stained glass artist Joop van den Broek. This monumental multi-coloured laminated glass panel from 1966 has a width of over two metres wide and is estimated at € 1.500 - 2.500.
    Wim Rijvers contributes lot 42, titled ‘Invasion’ and dating from 1980. This unique work was made in the “cire perdue” technique whereby the original wax mould is lost, but the sculpture is realised in great detail. The three bronzes are placed on a bluestone base and the whole is valued at € 1.500 - 2.500.
    Ap Verheggen is represented by no fewer than three of his vine branch sculptures, each named after a prominent wine chateau. The artist utilises original vine branches for these sculptures, which he puts in plaster. After burning away the encased vine branch, the resulting cavity is then filled with melted bronze making each of these sculptures a unique object. Estimates for these three works vary from € 1.500 - 3.000.
    Finally we draw your attention to Lot 50, a beautiful horse sculptured by Artur Spronken, a specialist in the field of horse bronzes. This exclusive work is estimated at € 5.000 - 8.000.
    Quite intriguing is the difference in style between lot 51 and 52, both by Reinier Lucassen. Comparison between both works illustrates how the artist has developed over the last 30 years. Both works remain stylistically clearly identifiable as compositions by this artist. There will be three works by Lucassen with estimates varying from € 1.500 - 5.000.
    Framed sculptural collages are offered from artists such as Jeroen Henneman, Jiri Kolár, Julia Winter and Herbert Zangs. All these artists employ an entirely individual method of triggering the eye of the public.
    By the recently deceased Bram Bogart we have lot 65, a large-sized composition dating from 1990. In contrast to his often primary use of colour, the artist in this case has relied on almost pastel-coloured oil paints. Originating from a well-known private collection and originally purchased at Galerie Willy Schoots in Eindhoven, this work would be an attractive purchase at its estimated value of € 4.000 - 6.000. The difference with the earlier works by his hand, lot 66 and 68, is significant. The latter is an academic still-life of a bouquet of autumn flowers with a Chinese lantern and has a valuation of € 800 - 1.200.
    A very interesting construction is lot 75 by Leopolda Novoa. This three dimensional work ‘Espace sable occupé’ was created in 1976 and acquired at Galerie Nouvelles Images in The Hague, It is now offered for sale with an estimate of € 3.500 - 5.500.
    For collectors of international prints on paper we would like to point out lot 80 by Joan Miró. This binding of the publication “Derrière Le Miroir” dates from 1970 and was dedicated to the exposition of 53 sculptures by Miró at the renowned Galerie Maeght. The colour lithograph is not only signed by the artist, but also decorated with various drawings by him. The work originates from a former collection of the cousin of the artist Marc Chagall and has an estimated auction value of € 3.000 - 5.000.
    The following lot is “Cow Going Abstract” by Roy Lichtenstein. This phenomenal triptych is sought after internationally, and is counted amongst the highest appreciated Pop Art images. This one is offered by us with a valuation of € 2.000 - 4.000.
    The ‘Hamlet and Ophelia’ by Louise Bourgeois (lot 83) is also a work of international repute. This playful colour lithograph, measuring over a metre wide, illustrates is offered for
    € 3.000 - 5.000.
    Belgian art innovator James Ensor is represented with lot 84, a study for ‘Gluttony (La gourmandise)’, one of the eight sketches from the portfolio ‘The Deadly Sins’ which was published in 1904. This work, estimated at € 10.000 - 15.000, is executed in ink, pencil and coloured pencil on paper and dated 1898.
    Another work on paper is lot 85 by Maria Marevna, depicting a musical composition. This combination of pointillism and cubism is very typical of her work which she herself identified as Dimensionalism, and in which influences of Lhote and Picasso can be seen. Valuation for this work: € 3.000 - 5.000.
    For admirers of Realism, the catalogue offers an impressive collection of works by Ben Snijders, Michiel Schrijver, Jos Aanraad, Karel Sirag, Adriana van Zoest and Henri Bol, all with very attractive estimates and all in excellent condition.
    By the founder of the De Ploeg movement, Jan Altink, we will have lot 103, depicting farms near Groningen, with a valuation of € 3.000 - 5.000. Rarely will you come across such a refined and panoramic work by his hand.
    The slightly older art movement the Bergense School, is represented by Dirk Filarski with an exquisite painting titled ‘Wildhorn’. This work, valued at € 12.000 - 15.000, is dated 1916 and can be counted amongst his best.
    The auction catalogue contains a large variety of works which can be considered as belonging to the Hague School. On offer are works by, amongst others, Ferry Slebe, Jan van Heel and Willem Hussem.

    We hope to welcome you at the viewing days and auction!